MiB (maetrics) wrote in md2600,

MD2600 meeting notes

Several of us recently met to discuss the lack of attendance in md2600 meetings. Minutes of the meeting are posted at http://www.md2600.org/md2600.html Topics discussed at the meeting were Location, Time, Meeting format, Recruitment/Advertisement, and Website changes.

As a result, I'll be handling the web design for portions of the website, news blog, and resurrecting the newsletter Infinite Shadows. In August, the www.md2600.org website will have up-to-date information about md2600 events.

Please feel free to participate. You don't have to attend the meetings, although that is always preferable. There are plenty of other ways to communicate and get involved. This LJ community, the #md2600 IRC channel on 2600.net, and a future mailing list is in the works. Want to setup a md2600 myspace, flickr, bbs... whatever website, tell everyone about it, or at least post it somewhere and let everyone else talk about it.
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