CableFlame (c4bl3fl4m3) wrote in md2600,

HOPE stuff

As per someone's suggestion earlier in one of the hacker comms on LJ (I think from lj2600), I'm thinking of putting together a GLBT/Queer BoF for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans hackers/phreakers/geeks to get together and socialize and make new friends. Would you be interested in going to said BoF? Should I submit it on the Wiki?

Also, is there a ride board up on the Wiki or a forum somewhere? I looked briefly on the Wiki and didn't see one. If not, I guess I should start one.

Anyway, I might as well post my ride ad here too.
I'm looking for a ride up to HOPE on Thursday night or early Friday morning for 1 or 2 (not sure on the number yet) people from Washington DC or immediate vicinity to NYC and then back again on Sunday. If you can't provide a ride one way or the other, that's ok. We can take the bus 1 way if we have to. We can help with the gas money and I can drive part of the way (I have my driver's license. The other passenger is from Europe and can't legally drive here w/o special tests, etc). If this sounds good, contact me via my info page here on LJ.

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