CableFlame (c4bl3fl4m3) wrote in md2600,

Women in 2600 panel?

So HOPE Number 6 is coming upon us again. I'm wondering if we want to do the "Women in 2600" panel again... only this time as a scheduled talk.

Is there any interest?
Would you be on the panel?
Do you have any ideas for questions to ask the panelists? (I'll eventually get a list of the ones we used at The Fifth HOPE up in ch1x0rz.)

If there's interest and I can schedule panelists ahead of time, then I'll submit it as a talk and we'll do this thing. If not, well, perhaps it'll get stuck back on the "C" track again (if they *have* the C track again this year).

...I've also thought of doing a panel of Queers in 2600, dealing with sexual orientation in the hacking world. Do you think we should do this also? Or perhaps instead of Women in 2600?

I just thought I'd throw these ideas out there and get feedback.

Oh, and if you know of a place that this should be crossposted to help recruit panelists, feel free to do some crossposting yourself... just make sure that when you post it, you put a link back to the post in this post so that I can keep track of all the threads and ideas.

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